Valve Actuators

Electric and pneumatic valve actuators with a wide variety of control options and features.


We offer the following five types of electrically operated valve actuators, use the links in the summary below to view the webpage for that specific actuator model.  Each webpage has links to the corresponding datasheets.


Electric Valve Actuators

Hayward EAU series electric valve actuatorEAU valve actuators area an entry-level design for simple on/off control of ball valves up to 2" in size.  The base model operates on 120vac, has a break and 1 SPDT limit switch.  Options  include other voltages (12V A/D, 24V A/D and 220VAC) and SS tags.  The EAU series is designed for light duty ball valve applications that do not require a manual override.


HZSN1 electric valve actuatorHZSN1 valve actuators are designed for ball vales up to 2" or requiring shaft torque of ≤ 266 in-lbs.  They can be used for both on/off control and proportional control.  As compared to the EAU (above) they accept a broader range of input power with an auto ranging power supply to simplify installation.  These easily mount to any valve having an ISO5211 mounting pad.


Hayward ECP Series Electric ActuatorsECP valve actuators actuators output up to 796 in-lbs of shaft torque and are used for ball and butterfly valves up to 6".  These can be used for on/off and proportional control applications, they have an auto ranging power supply to recognize the input voltage within a range of 24-265 VAC/VDC to simplify installation. Its a quality, industrial valve actuator having an anti-condensation heater, manual override, position indicator, 2 SPDT AUX switches and thermal overload protection.


Hayward HRSN series electric actuator for ball and butterfly valvesHRSN valve actuators are our premier industrial valve actuator design, providing the most features and options. There are three basic variations, on/off and proportional control, hazardous location and localized control (enables programming and control separate from any network).  As with all of our actuators, the mount is compatible with ISO5211 valve mounting pads and the auto ranging power supply recognizes the input power automatically, simplifying the installation.


ProTorq electric valve actuatorsProTorq valve actuators deliver up to 40,500 in-lbs of shaft torque and its our only electric valve actuator which can be supplied with a spring return for applications requiring up to 2,300 in-lbs of shaft torque. These are compatible with input control voltages of 4-20mA, 2-10vdc and 1-5vdc (BUS networking interfacing can also be accommodated)



Pneumatic Valve Actuators

Hayward PCD pneumatic valve actuatorHayward's pneumatic valve actuators for ball and butterfly valves are compatible with 1/2" to 24" size valves having ISO 5211 mounting tab.  Variations include thermal plastic or aluminum housings, double acting and spring return (fail safe) designs.  Their product offering consists of two styles, the PC (4-piston rack and pinion design, "Compact") and PM versions (2-piston rack and pinion design.  Hayward's pneumatic actuator offering is tailored to their plastic ball and butterfly valve product offering and maximum of 31,500 lbs torque.


Air Con II C pneumatic actuator with butterfly valveFlotite's pneumatic valve actuators are comprised of a broader product offering called Air-Con, to be used with their alloy ball valves or any other actuation application requiring up to 1,585,800 lbs of torque.  Having an aluminum housing as standard, they can be epoxy powder coated or supplied in 316SS or electroless nickel plating for increased corrosion resistance. We generally use these actuators when paired with an alloy valve or when many accessories are required for enhanced control.


Scotch Yoke pneumatic valve actuators typically cost less than rack and pinion style actuators and output higher torque; the primary difference between the two styles is the Scotch Yoke style outputs a non-linear torque and thus better suited for butterfly valves whereas rack and pinion designs output a constant torque required for ball valve positioning and throttling applications.  Scotch Yoke style pneumatic actuators are physically larger and for those reasons typically used for large butterfly valves to minimize actuator cost.


Air or spring actuate piston valve actuatorPneumatic Piston Valve Actuators are similar to Scotch Yoke style actuators; air moves the piston and linkage converts linear motion to 90 degree rotary motion and the resulting torque is highest at its fully closed and fully opened positions - ideal for butterfly valves.  Pneumatic Piston Actuators have less features and thus less expensive than Scotch Yoke style actuators and also tend to better suited for extremely low "artic" temperatures.


Rotary Diaphragm Actuator: RD SPRING-DIAPHRAGM ACTUATORRotary diaphragm actuators are often used for lower air pressure applications or when actuation by other inert gases or non-compressible fluids such as water and oil is preferred.  They can be field swapped to fail opened or closed and positioned within 60-95 degrees of rotation and thus often used for flow control applications.  They are also used for non-valve applications because they can be configured as direct acting, where the air or hydraulic liquid pushes the actuator stem outward.


When you order an actuator and actuator-ready valve together, it will be assembled for free, meaning we include the mounting kit (if applicable) and assemble everything together so that it arrives as one unit ready for installation.